Thursday, November 26, 2009

Welcome to Impala Image Works

Impala Image Works is a business is founded by Jan Row of Port Stanley, Ontario, on an interest in local history and a desire to assist in the preservation of that history.

For over 30 years, Jan has been a photographic artist. She has exhibited in many solo and group shows and her work is found in many public and private collections. In 2005, to upgrade her computer and digital design skills, she returned to college and earned a degree in web design and office management.
Jan worked under contract for the Elgin County Archives and the Elgin County Museum digitizing collection material and creating web sites to present the material on-line.

To view these projects visit the following links:

Jan also did a wide variety of design work for other County departments based on her Adobe Photoshop skills. She came to be known as someone who was creative and most importantly, highly sympathetic to the material. She could be depended on to handle very fragile and valuable material and work toward manifesting their vision of a project in a creative and timely way.
The services of Impala Image Works are now available to public institutions in the counties of Elgin, Middlesex and the adjacent areas that have need of Jan’s skills, creative ability, and sensitivity to precious materials in concert with experience in a museum setting. By using this service, museums and galleries, as well as businesses and private individuals, can achieve a professional result without the work and cost of hiring and training new staff for a short term project.
Many private individuals have family collections of photos and memorabilia that are disorganized and poorly stored, leading to further damage. Sadly many people have family material that is no longer identifiable because the person who knew the information has become incapacitated or has died. With Impala Image Works, everyone has access to professional, sympathetic handling and treatment of their precious memories and are able to take advantage of expert advice regarding the preservation of their treasures, before greater loss of family history occurs.


Digitization Services:
The primary service provided by Impala Image works is the digitization of material. This is accomplished either by scanning or photographing items, including photos, letters and other hand written material such as diaries and journals and other artifacts and artwork. The resulting images can then be stored on a disc or portable drive for easy reference or to be shared with interested parties.
Applications for this process include:
-sharing material, such as family photographs and memorabilia with interested parties, while allowing for the undisturbed storage of fragile original items.
-portable documentation of valuable items for insurance purposes, which can be stored off-site
-documentation of artwork for public and private galleries or collections and for artists. The images can be used for insurance purposes, promotion and publicity of exhibitions and brochure production. The images will also serve as a record of work that has been sold.

The most compelling reason for digitizing material, especially historic items, is to produce a high quality replica of the original so that the substance of the originals can be used and enjoyed without subjecting the originals to further damage. The original material can be stored in archival conditions to help prevent deterioration and ultimate loss. Photographs, letters and diaries are the most common items that benefit from this process. Even occasional handling of these items can cause irreparable damage.

Image Retouching Service:

Damaged photographs and other items will be scanned at my office. The resulting digital image will then be processed using Adobe Photoshop to remedy minor to intermediate damage. A new photograph can then be produced from the repaired image. Impala Image Works will advise on the process of repairing valuable but badly damaged images which are beyond the scope of the company.

Collection Assessment Service:
Impala Image Works will meet with clients and assess the condition of the items in their collection. Recommendations will be made pertaining to proper storage and presentation. Advice will be given regarding the process of the restoration of originals and who is best qualified to do that work.

Publishing Preparation:
This is the preparation of material such as diaries for publication either through commercial or self-publishing avenues. Impala will also work with clients to transcribe and prepare oral histories for publication. Photographs can also be formatted and prepared for printing or publication.
To see this phase of Impala Image Works in action, including the new publication The Men of Iron Fish: A Photographic Essay visit:

Design Work:
Impala Image Works will work with clients to design and maintain a web presence that is unique, highly functional and simple to use. Jan can create a professional imaging package through the designing of presentation materials, which includes business cards, brochures and promotional material.

Photographic and Digital Mixed Media Artist:
An ongoing segment of the business is the production and sale of fine art photographs and digital mixed media art. Jan has been an artist for over 30 years and her work is represented in many private and public collections. She also produces a line of art cards.

To view photographs from the exhibition "Body Works" visit:

Visit the Port Stanley Artists' Guild to see other examples of her work.

To view photographs that record a daily visit to Lake Erie see:

To check out examples of work and to view new projects see below.


  1. Wow! You're a person I want to get to know! Would you do work for folks by email too or just local people?

  2. Thank you for your interest. I could do it by email but the secret of success with retouching and cleaning up any damaged photo digitally is in starting with a top quality, high resolution scan - it simply gives more to work with. J.